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SMART-TD Local 1081 is chartered in Glendale, AZ.  Our members work for the BNSF Railway in and around Phoenix, AZ, with a 300-mile single ended pool between Phoenix and Winslow.

Local and Local Committee of Adjustment Officers:

Charlie AtwoodBrent BoiceGlenn Bay
(602) 361-9439(480) 830-8854(480) 571-2366
[email protected][email protected][email protected]

Legislative Representative                                                                              
Richard Andrade
(602) 690-8007
[email protected]

Road Local ChairmanYard Local ChairmanEngineer’s Local Chairman
John AbbottOscar LueraharrisDempsey Lofton
(480) 236-0603(623) 363-9358(623) 521-3570
[email protected][email protected][email protected]

All communication with the SMART Transportation Division must include your name (as shown in SMART membership records), home address and local number.

SMART Transportation Division welcomes and appreciates your email comments. Due to the volume of comments received, as well as the legal, security and SMART Constitutional concerns that may raise, responses can only be provided as time permits and as these other concerns dictate.

All letters should include your name (as shown in SMART membership records), home address and local number.

SMART Transportation Division members needing assistance with grievances under applicable agreements should reduce them to writing with complete information on the subject matter and submit them to the Local Committee of Adjustment holding jurisdiction, as provided in Article Twenty-One B (21 B), Section 79, of the SMART Constitution.

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